Order process

Order process.

Method of purchase in the webshop of Balogh Trading House Ltd. is as follows: after the registration and entry to the webshop you can search by:

  • MEKRA number
  • OE or serial number
  • Vehicle manufacturer and group of products
  • Type of vehicles

At the MEKRA number you have to write only the numbers without letters and punctuation-marks and then you can start the searching with clicking ?enter” or ?>”. If the entire number is available, you can see the page(s) of the searched products.

The MEKRA number of the given product will appear in yellow colour. The process is the same at the serial number, too but in this case you have to add this number entirely with letters and punctuation-marks.

At searching by the type of vehicle you have to choose from the opening list. If there are another 1 or 2 opening columns after the choice then you can continue the searching there. There are generally appearing several pages at this searching mode and you can navigate among them with the help of pagenumbers. For the easier search you can see various pop-up information for the figures, icons and graphs on the pages of webshop. These can be reached with the moving of mouse (cursor). It may provide a great assist e.g in selecting the proper rear view mirror. This function operates in blue column, too. Additional help for selection of proper product is the image appearing on the right hand side. Clicking on it you can enlarge the image.

It is important to declare that the prices ont he webpage are net ones not included the VAT. During the purchasing process (adding the selected items to basket) you can see the basket on the left hand side with the slected lots, their prices and summary. You can continue the searching or close the process with clicking on the text ?End of purchase”. The next table shows the present position of purchase, the items not to be delivered immediately appearing with an icon of ?Out of stock”. Here you can still do any change in the content of basket. Then you have to just follow the instructions and check the data of purchase and purchaser. Once you are happy with all of the details, and you wish to proceed then you can finish the purchase and send your order with clicking on the ?Place order” button. Balogh Trading House Ltd. webshop will send you an order acknowledgement on the products in stock via email. Only when we confirm our acceptance of your order in writing will a contract exist between us. Delivery of products is generally within 24 hours but latest in 3 days (int he territory of Hungary). As for the products ?Out of stock” we will contact you as soon as possible to agree at the delivery terms. If you have not got any written confirmation on order, then please repeat your order process or contact us: info@visszapillantotukor.hu

Tel./Fax: 36-92-460184
Mobil: 36-30-9462-197
e-mail: info@visszapillantotukor.hu
web: www.visszapillantotukor.hu