Data handling, procession and distribution

Data protection principles of Balogh Trading House Ltd. are governed by the following laws, acts, regulations and recommendations:

  • Data Protection Act LXIII. 1992. on personal data and the publicity of data of public interest
  • Act of CVIII. 2001. on the definitions relating the e-commerce services and the services of informatic society

Personal data: all information about a living, identifiable individual is personal data. For example a name accompanied by other information about the individual such as address, age, telephone number, information regarding his/her hobbies or financial status.  It can be an expression of an opinion about the individual or an indication of the intentions of any person towards that individual.  The data can be biographical even when a combination of different data sources is needed to identify the individual e.g. where individuals are identified only by numbers in a database but a list of to whom the numbers correspond is maintained elsewhere.

Contribution: a consent for the processing of personal data means a freely given specific and informed indication of the wishes of a data subject by which the data subject signifies his or her agreement to personal data relating to him or her being processed.

Protest: declaration of the given person in which he/she objects the handling of his/her personal data and requires the termination as well as the deletion of them

Data controller and data controlling: a data controller is an organisation that has full authority to decide how and why personal data is to be “processed” (this includes using, storing and deleting the data). Whether or not the receiving organisation is also a data controller will depend on whether or not the receiving organisation will have the authority to decide how and why the data will be stored, used and deleted. If the receiving organisation has considerable discretion in this area, it is probably a data controller.

Data distribution: to take the data available for third person

Publication: to take the data accessible for everybody

Data blocking: make impossible ultimately or for a while of transfer, change, termination, deleting, combining or harmonizing and publicity of persoanl data

Data processor: a data processor is an organisationor a legal entity that “processes” personal data on behalf of another organisation. Processing includes reading, amending, storing and deleting.

Data processing: data processing is any action taken with personal data including the collection, use, disclosure, destruction and holding of data.

Third person: third person is a natural or legal person, or a state or local government agency who is not a chief processor, an authorised processor, a data subject, a person who is subordinate to a chief processor or authorised processor and who processes personal data.

Data stock: total of data handled in one register system

Balogh Trading House Ltd. may collect the following data from you:

  • information that you provide to us when setting up or amending an account with us. For example, your name, address, various delivery addresses, email address, contact telephone numbers password, password question and answer
  • information that you provide to us when placing an order online or by filling in any online registration form which we may make available on our Website. For example, your name, email address, payment address and card details which are essential for processing an order;
  • information which you voluntarily disclose to us by email or other means;

Some services of Balogh Trading House Ltd. are bound for registration. During the registration process you are kindly asked to provide the following data: first name, surname, delivery address, email address, telephone number. There is a possibility to give the mobile number as well as the firm name.

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