Delivery, payment

The ordered goods from Balogh Trading House Ltd. webshop are delivered by the Magyar Posta Zrt. MPL (Hungarian Post Inc. MPL) domestic courier service exclusively for the territory of Hungary.

The delivery charges are applied according to a simple banding structure based on the weight of your purchased goods. There is only one delivery charge per Order. Just for your information we use the following delivery charges within Hungary:

up to 3 kg   HUF 1300 per package

3-30 kg  HUF 1800 per package

Although we will make every reasonable effort to ensure your products are delivered within the set timescales, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they will not be affected by unforeseen issues affecting our delivery partner.

Under these circumstances, delivery charges will not normally be refunded. In such case Balogh Trading House Ltd. shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the Goods within the estimated timescales.

Where any of the Goods contained within an Order are out of stock or we cannot deliver them ?immediately” (max. within 3 days), we will contact you by phone or email to explain the situation and confirm whether you would like to either cancel the whole Order or whether you would like us to process a new order for Goods that we have in stock.

Ownership of the Goods you order on the Website shall pass to you on delivery provided that we have processed and received payment in full for such Goods.

IMPORTANT: All goods must be checked for condition in the presence of the carrier before signing to accept delivery.  Please note:  the customers signature confirms that the goods have been received in satisfactory condition.  No insurance claims can be made for damage once goods have been signed for.  If goods are received damaged, the carriers delivery note must be endorsed accordingly and we must be notified immediately.

We welcome international orders, too. For more information, please contact us by email:

Tel./Fax: 36-92-460184
Mobil: 36-30-9462-197